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Hollywood Beach News

No Trikkes Allowed On Broadwalk (or other motorized vehicles)
Hollywood commissioners have approved a ban on motorized vehicles on the Hollywood Broadwalk. Segways are excluded but the excessively fast stand up motorized Trikkes are not. The primary concern is the safety of broadwalk pedestrians. Mayor Peter Bober said "These things move really, really fast. Someone's going to get hurt eventually.
Broward Police Lose Important Booking Stations
Broward Police departments are losing the ability to book prisoners fast with the closing of booking stations in Davie and Hollywood. Broward Sheriff Scott Israel made the decision to close the stations to save 2.8 million dollars in his budget. This will potentially limit the availablility of police manpower as they could face bottlenecks in
New Condo Building For Downtown Hollywood
Good news for anyone interested in living near Downtown Hollywood. Groundbreaking for the H3 Condominium started this week at 2165 Van Buren. The condos — studios and units with up to three bedrooms ranging from 594 to 1,579 square feet — are priced from $190,000 to $380,000, Besga said. I just hope it doesn't end up being another
UFO over Hollywood Beach?
Some kind of UFO or weird cloud was reported over Hollywood beach. Multiple reports were sent to Sun-Sentinal and Ariana Drain snapped some pictures in Dania. It might be related to a rocket launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station but that hasn't been determined for sure. If you saw the UFO or got pictures of it,
Know Your Hollywood History
Thanks to the Hollywood Historical Society, you can learn all about the City of Hollywood's founder Joseph W. Young Jr who began building Hollywood with his own money, eventually gifting it to the city. The historical society which is located at 1520 Polk Street will be hosting a founders day event to honor Young on August 4th from
Helpful Tips From A Hollywood Beach Mommy
Hollywood Beach is perfect for relaxing out on the sand. The soothing sound of waves crashing on the shore, salty breeze keeping you cool, and a frozen beverage is never more than a short stroll away. That is until you have kids and try to take them with you. Then you just want to avoid traumatizing them by having a nervous breakdown trying to keep ev
Police Need Your Help To Catch This Armed Robber
Police need your help to find this man who robbed a Hollywood Subway Sandwich Shop and is believed to have robbed at least 2 other locations recently in the Hollywood area. Detectives are urging anyone with information to call Hollywood Police at 954-967-4357, 954-967-4411 or Broward Crime Stoppers at 954-493-8477.
Hollywood Firefighters Get Raises - Police Are Next
The City of Hollywood approved a contract to get raises to current Hollywood firefighters as well as raise the starting pay for new firefighters. The Hollywood police department is up next for similar adjustments. This is good news for Hollywood. Fixing our infrastructure will go much further in strengthening the city than paying privat
Bushwood Cools Down a Sweltering Summer Day
ArtsPark at Young Circle was treated to the mood lifting sounds of Hollywood's own Bushwood, a rising force in South Florida Reggae. Bushwood brought it's own friends, family and fans to the Hollywood ArtsPark lawn Saturday Night to celebrate the release of it's newest Album Tidal Wave but the audience grew quickly as Hollyw
Dania Birthers Drive Pat Flury From Office
This was funny when it was a joke on TV's Parks and Recreation, but in real life its just a little bit sad. Dania Commissioner Pat Flury has resigned from office amidst suggestions that she does not actually reside in Dania. Flury, 76, blamed her unexpected exit on Patrick Phipps, a former political opponent who has questioned her re
Hollywood Gains A Publix - Loses a Publix
You know that old empty car dealership at Sheridan St and US1? It's going to be a Publix shopping center called West Lake Commons. You know that Publix down the street from there at 401 E Sheridan St? It will close when the new one opens. The new Publix shopping center will also get a Starbucks and a Pollo Tropical. N
Hollywood Seeking Volunteer Broadwalk Ambassadors
The City of Hollywood is looking for volunteers to be nice helpful people on the Hollywood Beach Broadwalk. These broadwalk ambassadors will point people in the right direction when needed and take pictures of them with the goal of being "as friendly as Disney World" as Patty Asseff puts it. For this service, the city is willing to pay the ex
Two Rock Memorabilia Shows At Hard Rock Now
There are two separate memorabilia shows going on right now at the Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood. One is the Gone Too Soon event which contains items like Kurt Cobain's 8th grade yearbook. You can also see the Music Gives Back Rock 'n' Philanthropy exhibit too. You can read more about the exhibit and a New Times interview with Hard Roc
Teen Thanks Police Who Saved Him From Drowning
“Don’t be scared of police people they are good people they are cool” That was the message from Cottard Remy who said he was afraid of police before he almost died and was saved by them. He was saved by Officer Jason Thomas, Officer Shawn Charles and others at the scene. They brought him to shore from turbulent waters and resusci
City Leaders Whine About Urban Art
City leaders aren't happy with David "Lebo" Le Batard's mural called Bee-Bop Into Outer Space in downtown Hollywood. We don’t want it to start looking like a ghetto over there,” City Commissioner Patricia Asseff said. Yeah!.We wouldn't want to drive away all the crack addicts and hookers with ghetto art now would we? The cit
Hollywood Votes to Waste Away in Margaritaville
The vote is in on Margaritaville and its a go...again. You can read the full article here but I feel like this quote says it all: “It may not be the absolute best deal, but it’s the best deal we can get here,” said Commissioner Li
Teenage Boy Almost Drowns on Hollywood Beach
Only a few hours after the body of drowning victim James Clark Jr. was found, another teenage boy, Cottard Remy was rescued by officers after he became overwhelmed by the current in the Hollwood Beach waters by Indiana Street. Luckily they were able to resuscitate Remy and he is recovering in the hospital. Remy went into the dangerous waters aft
Riders vs Walkers on the Hollywood Broadwalk
Riders and walkers are clashing over what should be allowed on the Hollywood Broadwalk. Runners and walkers are getting frustrated with bicyclists and vice versa, but everyone seems to be concerned with motorized vehicles like the new Trikkes that can be rented on the broadwalk. Is signs and education the answer or do we need to se
Memorial Day Tragedy. Teen Drowns on Hollywood Beach
A 15 year old boy drowned after being pulled into a strong current while swimming with his family on Hollywood beach. After nearly 3 hours of searching, the boy's body was found by a diver at John U. Lloyd State Park. While it was reported the boy had a faint pulse when he was found, he was later pronounced dead at the hospital. Re
Human Safety and Turtle Safety Can Coexist.
Anyone who spends any significant time near the beach knows that the sea turtles love to visit our beaches to lay their eggs. When the baby turtles hatch, bright lights on the shore can disorient them and inhibit their ability to find the ocean. This is why during "turtle season" you will find the lights on the broadwalk are dimmer. I guess there are some
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