Since Margaritaville ruined hollywood beach as far as I am concerned, I will not be contributing any new content or news to the site. As such is for sale. The asking price is $7,280. If interested, please send an email to hollywoodbeachtimes at gmail

Hollywood Votes to Waste Away in Margaritaville

The vote is in on Margaritaville and its a go...again. You can read the full article here but I feel like this quote says it all:

β€œIt may not be the absolute best deal, but it’s the best deal we can get here,” said Commissioner Linda Sherwood."

Sounds like the stuff that dreams are made of.

Hollywood Beach does not have the infrastructure to handle what they want to do. If you are a resident of Hollywood Beach, try to imagine the traffic jams surrounding the Seminal Hard-Rock Casino on a Friday night but with those 2 little lanes of A1A that. Good luck getting home ever again.

The city is leasing the land to the developers and pledged to give $23 million for furniture, fixtures and equipment.

I wonder how many cops 23 million dollars would have bought?