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Hollywood Seeking Volunteer Broadwalk Ambassadors

The City of Hollywood is looking for volunteers to be nice helpful people on the Hollywood Beach Broadwalk. These broadwalk ambassadors will point people in the right direction when needed and take pictures of them with the goal of being "as friendly as Disney World" as Patty Asseff puts it. For this service, the city is willing to pay the extremely fair price of nothing.

I am totally for the idea of having this type of service on the Broadwalk, but does anyone think the nice helpful people at Disney World work for free? If you can find a way to give a private company 23 million dollars to build a hotel on city owned land, can't you figure out how to pay a few senior citizens a barely legal minimum wage? Or maybe we can get our city officials to work for free as well. Would that still be overpaying?

Anyways. Its a half way decent idea that needs some serious work on the implementation side. Check out the Miami Herald article here if you want to know more about the program.